Solace (itsonlyburning) wrote,

[Generalities] Points Of Interest

- It is too hot for legs.
- I am having tea anyway.
- My hair will ideally be blue by the end of the day
- Wrote a blog entry about how much I love A Writer's Prayer, a Neil Gaiman poem.
- I may or may not spend my writing energy on writing Cabin Pressure promptfic
- i bought my first thing at Lush today. Hopefully it will help me get rid of some of the dark splotches on my skin.
- I get Morgan on Friday.
- I got a new sketchbook since my old one had almost no pages left in it.
- My mother also had mechanical pencils hiding, so that was exciting.
- I've acquired graphic novels
- It has been decided that I am in the market for a new bag. Somethimg smaller than Sam, though hopefully still a messenger bag.
- I think that's it.
Tags: life: everyone loves a list, life: general state of the charleycat, life: how i love my hair of many colors
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